We develop software that enables and complements our performances. Our software is free and open source so you can use it in your own performances and make your own contributions.
Performance App Screenshot

'In C' Performance App

Are you joining us in an upcoming performance? This is the software you need!

This software drives our performances of Terry Riley's 1964 classic minimalist piece 'In C'. With this app performers can participate regardless of musical experience, enabling them to listen and react to those around them in the same way that classically trained musicians do. Performers sync their clocks together by sound and then are completely free running with no need for an internet connection. In addition to the internal sound synthesis engine, performers can control other software or external hardware using MIDI. Source code is available on Github.

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Progress Viewer Screenshot

'In C' Progress Viewer

This software pairs with the 'In C' performance app, which watches for the phrases each performer is currently playing. The app presents this information in a projector-friendly display, which will automatically scroll to the earliest phrase that is currently being played so it's set-and-forget. This has proven to be useful for new performers to understand where their peers and how quickly they should be moving between phrases. It's also helpful for the audience to understand what is happening better than a typical 'In C' performance. Source code is available on Github.

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