LUTE have an upcoming informal reading of Terry Riley’s “In C” arranged for laptop ensemble on December 13th, 2017. Come take a stress break from final exams to commune with Terry Riley’s 1964 minimalist masterwork via laptop. We are seeking thoughtful individuals from all backgrounds and technical and/or musical abilities. This all-laptop version of “In C” is designed to be inclusive for musicians, “non” musicians, and anyone who wants to experience playing in an ensemble in a whole new way. The emphasis is on listening, responding, and collaborating to make music. Let the machines handle playing all the notes for once!

If you are planning attending, please bring a laptop running either macOS or Windows. We are looking for audience participation! If you can, please come when the doors open at 9am so we can help you set up your computer. This reading is informal, so come and go as you please!

We would love RSVP’d and share your comments through our Facebook event.